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Serving America’s Landowners

Our Mission

At Landowner Exchange, we serve the nation’s hardest working farmers, ranchers and business owners. You now have an advocate to guide you through the steps of these powerful strategies.

We are here to provide user-friendly information about exchanges, work with your existing professional relationships, and coordinate with your Qualified Intermediary to help ensure a seamless exchange transaction.

Our Services

Born and raised to understand the needs of landowners and investment property landowners, our founders have studied strategies to help you protect what you have and what you’re looking to grow. Our mission is to give America’s land and business owners the greatest chance to succeed, and we believe that our services do just that by optimizing the sale and trade of your most previous assets. Whether you’re looking to trim your tax bill, transition ownership of your property or share in the betterment of your community, Landowner Exchange is here to help!

What We Can Help With

1031 Exchanges

For all property owners considering selling their property.

1033 Exchanges

For property owners specifically impacted by public works projects.

Opportunity Zones

For property owners looking to make differences in communities and gain tax benefits.

Replacement Properties

For property owners looking to exchange “like-kind” properties.


For property owners looking to exchange into a passive ownership structure.

Our Promise

We are servants of those who take care of the land in our beautiful communities. Our duty is to empower you by serving with integrity and a commitment to put your best interest first. We do this through reliance on our people and our process.

Our Process

Learn how we work to ensure a smooth transaction.

We believe that our process is what sets us apart and makes us unique. When we work with you, we truly aim to understand your goals because without a grasp on what you’d like to accomplish, we can’t navigate to the destination. We’re also proud to work with connections we already have or with the relationships you bring with you, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in your team. With the help of a clear vision, we can help you strive toward the horizon and achieve the growth your land and your retirement so richly deserve.

Our Team

Put our team to work for you and your family.

Brent Lee

Financial Advisor/Co-Owner

Jennifer Donais, MBA, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Growing up in the Midwest, our team understands landowners and property owners, the problems they face, and the objectives they’d like to pursue. They truly believe that there is nothing more satisfying than an honest day’s work, a philosophy that has been instilled in them since childhood. They also know that the exchange of land isn’t just about money or property. It’s about growth, protection, family, legacy and the future, and they look forward to each opportunity to see their clients reach their goals and achieve their ideal lifestyle.

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