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Our Professional Process

Our Professional Process

At Landowner Exchange, we have redefined professional service. No longer is the client on his/her own going back and forth from their accountant to their attorney to their title company, etc. Here is how we approach every relationship with our partners and potential connections to put them in what we believe is the best position for achieve success.

1. Identify Your Goals

Our primary objective is to serve you, the landowner and investment property owner. We want to help you understand the pros and cons of a 1031 Exchange and determine if an exchange is in your best interest according to your goals, values and financial situation.

2. Cooperate with Your Connections

If an exchange is in your best interest, our secondary objective is to work with your professional team (tax accountant, attorney, qualified intermediary) as needed to lead you through a coordinated, stress free, tax-deferring transaction.

3. Plan Your Proper Path

Once you have a signed purchase agreement on your original property, we assist our landowners in determining what types of replacement properties are suitable for your income and investment growth objectives.

Our Services

Born and raised to understand the needs of landowners, our founders have studied strategies to help you protect what you have and what you’re looking to grow. Our mission is to give America’s land and business owners the greatest chance to succeed, and we believe that our services do just that by optimizing the sale and trade of your most previous assets. Whether you’re looking to trim your tax bill, transition ownership of your property or share in the betterment of your community, Landowner Exchange is here to help.

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